From Farm to Fashion: The Journey of Organic Materials in Our Fall Line

Fall is upon us, and if you're like us, you're eager to update your wardrobe with cozy, eco-friendly essentials that don’t compromise on style. At Vustra, we're excited to share with you the journey of our organic materials—from sustainable farms to your fashion-forward closet.

Why Organic Matters to Us (And Should to You!)

You've probably heard the term 'organic' thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean for your wardrobe? Organic materials, like the organic cotton and linen we use, are grown without harmful pesticides and use significantly less water than their conventional counterparts. Plus, they're GMO-free and dyed with low-impact colors. This means not only are you investing in yourself but also in a healthier planet. A win-win.

Our Sustainable Materials

  • Organic Cotton
  • It's the foundation of many of our shirts, and here's why it's special. In addition to saving on water resources and avoiding harmful chemicals, for every ton of cotton fiber, organic cotton generated 978kg of CO2e, which is a 46% decrease in its contribution to global warming when compared to conventional cotton.  And, of course, our organic cotton shirts, like the Iron Gold Stitch Print, are perfect for those sunny weekend adventures.

  • Linen
  • Fashionwise, linen is like nature's air conditioner. Its porous nature, excellent moisture-wicking properties, and vibrant colors, like our Fog Grey long-sleeve, keep you cool and stylish, from work to a night out.

  • Upcycled Cotton
  • Revolutionary in sustainable fashion, upcycled cotton repurposes used textiles, giving them a new lease on life. This not only minimizes waste but also conserves resources, a perfect blend of sustainability and style.

    Partners in Ethical Fashion

    Once our organic and regenerative fibers leave the fields, their journey has only just begun. These fibers are transported to our partner facilities where they're meticulously processed and transformed into the soft, high-quality fabrics that Vustra is known for.

    Working with renowned manufacturing partners, from Raymond in India, Somelos in Portugal, to Bez Tekstil in Turkey, we ensure that every step of the fabric-making process adheres to our strict sustainability and ethical standards. Our collaboration with these partners is grounded in shared values and an unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness.

    Raymond, with its legacy stretching back for nearly a century, specializes in creating fabrics that not only meet but exceed the best industry practices. They focus on ensuring our apparel is free from toxic bleaches, dyes, and other harmful chemicals, ensuring the finished product is not just safe for the environment, but also for you. Somelos from Portugal is heavy weight in weaving world, especially when it comes to top-notch organic cotton and yarns. Teaming up with them has let Vustra be part of the biggest global cotton sustainability program.

    On the other hand, Bez Tekstil boasts state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, resulting in high-quality production and traceability. Their GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications show their dedication in making sure all textiles and fabrics are free of substances that can be harmful to the body or the planet.

    Crafted with Care: Ethical Manufacturing

    But it's not just about the quality of the fabric; it's about the hands that work on them. That's why our shirts are cut, designed, and sewn by artisans who are treated justly. From the mini 'Meteor' print to the classic Navy Amber Plaid, each shirt carries a story of fairness and ethical practices.

    Our partners prioritize the welfare and well-being of their workers, ensuring they're treated with respect and dignity. They share our belief that ethically made clothing isn't just about the environment; it's about creating a fairer, more humane fashion industry for everyone involved. 

    More than Just a Shirt: Eco-friendly Packaging

    Our journey doesn't stop at just sustainable clothing. We're equally obsessed with eco-friendly packaging. It was a tough nut to crack – transitioning from non-recyclable plastics to sustainable alternatives. Yet, with perseverance and a shared vision, we've managed to eliminate tons of waste that would otherwise pollute our environment. We’ve made leaps in reducing our plastic footprint, and we're continuously striving to do better.

    So, when you feel the soft touch of a Vustra shirt against your skin, know that it's a product of careful selection, ethical craftsmanship, and an undying commitment to sustainable fashion. You get to see what's possible when brands choose to prioritize the planet and its people.

    Designs Inspired By Nature And Tailored For The Eco-Conscious Man

    Whether It's The Alluring Huxley That Transitions Effortlessly From Office Hours To Happy Hours, Or The sophisticated Sandcastle long-sleeve that’s a testament to sustainable fashion, there's something for every man this fall.

    By choosing Vustra, you’re part of a bigger picture. Each shirt you buy contributes to reducing waste, conserving water, and promoting ethical practices in the fashion industry. Our shirts are not just articles of clothing; they are commitments to a better future.

    Ready to make a style statement that's also a statement for the planet? Head on over to our online store and explore our full range of organic and linen shirts perfect for the fall. And guess what? We have a sweet deal for you—FALL STYLES AT 15% OFF! USE CODE FALL15 AT CHECKOUT. It also comes with free shipping. Don't miss out, shop now at Vustra. Because style and sustainability are the ultimate power couple!


    Photo by Ryoji Hayasaka on Unsplash

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