What Does It Really Mean to Shop Organic?

Oftentimes the first connotation that comes to mind when we think of shopping organic is our groceries. Most "organic shops near me" Google searches revolve around herbs, tea and coffee, baby items, meat products and even olive oil. Of course every farmer has looked for organic fertilizer shops - but that's another topic altogether. With this, most shoppers also will likely say that shopping organic is too expensive – and in some ways, they’re right. But, the one thing we often overlook when we’re debating whether to buy $2 strawberries or the $5 organic strawberries, is that this is really just a small piece of what it means to shop organic.

In its simplicity, shopping organic means to be conscious of the choices we make, and remembering that every decision to purchase organic leaves positive environmental impacts, as well as health benefits. The great thing is that we have the power to choose sustainability in all parts of our lives – our food, cleaning supplies, and of course, even going for sustainable clothing brands. So whether you're walking into an organic baby shop or going online organic grocery shopping, it’s part of the journey of being environmentally conscious. 

As consumers, we have a say in where we want to spend our hard earned money, and so, you may be wondering how can I get started with your organic shopping?

And, well, we have two steps for you:

The first step is to just be mindful of the ingredients that go into the products you are purchasing, whether it’s at an organic grocery shop or companies marketing themselves as ethical and sustainable clothing brands. When purchasing packaged goods, take a look at the ingredients list on the back – all the ingredients should be recognizable or easily researched at the very least. When it comes to clothes and beauty products – be conscious of terms such as paraben-free and organic cotton – and make sure you’re aware of what those words are actually suggesting.

The second step is to educate yourself. When a company says it offers affordable sustainable clothing, go the extra step to dig through its claims. We’re lucky to have sources like Google at our fingertips, and with resources like this, we should become better aware of the options that we have in the marketplace when it comes to making more sustainable decisions. There are hundreds of organizations that educate on the importance of organic goods and sustainability, and for us these resources can help better guide our purchasing decisions when you make your next “organic shopping near me” search.

In the end, shopping organic is a personal decision. It can be expensive at times, but its importance lies in the fact that every time we make the decision to shop organic, we leave a positive impact on both our health and the environment. Join the organic clothing movement today and try Vustra's tees and button down shirts today. 


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