How to Care for Organic Clothing

Tips to Keep Your Clothes in Tip Top Shape

If you’re a Vustra customer, chances are you know the value of quality. You’re willing to pay a little bit more for pieces that will last you years to come instead of opting for cheaply made shirts that will deteriorate after a few washes and wears.

We use a mid-weight organic cotton for its durability, flexibility, and easy to care for nature, but that doesn’t mean that the ultra-sustainable fabric is invincible. Regardless of the price tag or fabric content, the way we care for our organic clothing matters and even pieces that are built to last come to an untimely end if we don’t care for them properly.

Wondering how to clean organic cotton shirts? Here is how you can maintain your Vustra garments and ensure they last as long as possible, so you can look as good as you feel.


Tip 1: Wash only when necessary

Did you know that most people are washing their clothes far too often? Washing your clothes, no matter how delicate the cycle or the organic clothing brand, naturally breaks down the fibers a little bit every time. So we suggest only washing your Vustra pieces (and all other clothes, for that matter) only when they’re actually dirty. Wearing them several times between washes will work wonders for prolonging the quality and lifetime of your shirts.


Tip 2: Wash with cold water and use a natural detergent

Washing your garments with cold water prolongs the color of the dyes and helps keep the fabric from deteriorating. It helps avoid shrinkage as well. The ideal organic clothes detergents are sourced from natural agents, free from the strong chemicals found in traditional detergents


Tip 3: Tumble dry with low heat or, better yet, air dry

Along with washing on cold, the most eco-friendly and garment-friendly thing you can do for your pieces is to hang them to dry. This prolongs the quality of the organic clothing fabric and uses far less energy than using a dryer. However, if you need your shirt dried more quickly, toss it in the dryer on low heat with a few wool dryer balls to speed up dry time and reduce chemical exposure from dryer sheets.


Tip 4: Avoid ironing, but use low heat when you do

It’s usually best to avoid heat on your organic garments, sometimes ironing before a big interview or day at work is essential. Stick to a lower heat if you must iron organic cotton and you’ll be good to go - wrinkle-free.


Tip 5: Hang up or fold along the seams

When you’re done wearing your shirt and are in between washes, it’s best to store them hanging upright, instead of folded in a wardrobe. If you do need to fold them to save space or because you don’t have anywhere to hang them up, fold your shirts along the seams to best care for the stitching and avoid wrinkles.


Looking great is cool, but so is caring properly for your clothes. How do you take care of your wardrobe? 

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