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What's the Vustra Difference?

Vustra creates organic cotton high-quality men’s button-downs, in that regard, we are not unique. There are literally hundreds of brands creating shirts for men. But, what sets us apart from other brands out there? The details are everything when it comes to “the Vustra difference”. 


In fact, our method is so vastly different than most fashion retailers that we’d venture to call what we’re doing revolutionary and, we hope, trendsetting. 


The majority of “fast fashion” brands create their products quickly, using the cheapest materials and labor available to them. This not only exploits the hands that work in garment factories and farms all over the world, but it’s unsustainable for our planet and its resources to produce with this mentality. The result is a cheaply made product that was made at the cost of other people and the planet and, it goes without saying, certainly won’t hold up in your closet for the long haul. 


So what makes us different? We’re glad you asked. We believe the next three points are what set us apart from other brands and, we hope, make the decision easier when you’re choosing to shop from a small, sustainable apparel brand like ours. 


Our Fabrics

Believe it or not, most fast fashion labels create with fabrics that are actually as harmful for your body as they are for the environment. Conventional cotton is grown with harmful chemicals and pesticides to yield a quick crop. However, quick doesn’t always mean better, and these harmful chemicals find their way into the environment and, of course, into the very fibers of the clothes you buy. 


In an effort to create a safer product for our customers and for the environment, Vustra is committed to using only certified organic cotton grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. 

Our Design Process

Did you know that most fashion labels adhere to an overwhelming 52 season calendar each year? Yes, that’s a new collection or product launch every single week. Not only is this unsustainable in terms of production volume, but it means that for you, the customer, your new pieces essentially go out of style the minute you walk out of the store. There will always be more and most brands want you to feel like your closet is still lacking something. 


At Vustra, we design with the longevity of your closet in mind. We want our styles to last you years and years to come, not merely a season. Our pieces are made with high-quality fabrics, in colors and cuts that never go out of style. 

Our Factories


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our pieces are grown, cut, and sewn by real people who are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our factories are Fair Trade Certified and we place considerable importance on visiting them routinely to ensure that the garment workers’ safety is a top priority. 

We work hard to provide men with organic cotton high-quality men’s button-downs, an alternative to fast fashion that they can feel confident and compassionate about investing in. And that, we’re proud to say, is the Vustra difference. Experience the Vustra difference today, free shipping.