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What's the Vustra Difference?

Vustra creates organic cotton high-quality men’s button-downs, in that regard, we are not unique. There are literally hundreds of brands creating shirts for men. But, what sets us apart from other brands out there? The details are everything when it comes to “the Vustra difference”.

In fact, our method is so vastly different than most fashion retailers that we’d venture to call what we’re doing revolutionary and, we hope, trendsetting.

The majority of “fast fashion” brands create their products quickly, using the cheapest materials and labor available to them. This not only exploits the hands that work in garment factories and farms all over the world, but it’s unsustainable for our planet and its resources to produce with this mentality. The result is a cheaply made product that was made at the cost of other people and the planet and, it goes without saying, certainly won’t hold up in your closet for the long haul.

So what makes us different? We’re glad you asked. We believe the next three points are what set us apart from other brands and, we hope, make the decision easier when you’re choosing to shop from a small, sustainable apparel brand like ours.