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About us

In 2017, we set out to find clothing that was better for us, better for our planet and connected us with our garment maker. 

We learned about the dark side of the fashion industry and it’s top issues, namely, large footprint of conventional cotton, toxic chemicals and dyes, and inhumane treatment of workers. 

This realization fueled us to bring reform to this wildly unsustainable industry. We created Vustra, a clothing brand for the modern, conscious human.

Our vision is simple -- truly sustainable, workhorse apparel that has the lowest socio-environmental footprint. We are committed to using the best possible materials -- 100% sustainable fibers combined with low impact dyes. Crafted by the best possible production -- fair-trade certified and ethical manufacturing units.


We worked with our production partners to reduce plastic in our packaging and as a result, we now use minimal plastic in our packaging and only the type that is >90% recyclable. Read more 




We design with the longevity of your closet in mind. We want our styles to last you years and years to come, not merely a season. Our apparel is made with high-quality fabrics, in colors and cuts that never go out of style.





Sustainable Fibers and Materials - Organic cotton uses 71% less water, 62% less energy and it saves on average of 94 million tons of CO2 per year.  Read more 



Our products are sourced, cut, and sewn by real people who are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our products are made by ethical manufacturing units and we place considerable importance on visiting them routinely to ensure that the garment workers’ safety is a top priority.  Read more

We are design and tech professionals who care just as much about our planet as we do about your clothing. 

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