Our Story

We are a team of fashion misfits who believe that dressing for success can be sustainable. This idea gave birth to Vustra. Vustra {pronounced /vəstrə/ } means apparel in Sanskrit. We are more than an apparel company. We believe that customers can be both socially and environmentally conscious about their clothing without sacrificing great fashion. Join us and become a part of the sustainable fashion revolution.


Our Products

At Vustra, we ensure that our shirts are made with fashion-forward European style and feature the most intricate style details. Our entire collection is made with 100% premium Italian and Turkish softest and most comfortable organic cotton that looks and feels luxurious. Our collection showcases colors and textures which are carefully developed to provide timeless, elegant and yet stylish options so you can choose to wear fashion with values.


Our Mission

We believe sustainable fashion is for everyone and are committed to providing fashionable apparel.

Our team places importance on being deeply involved in every step of the process; selecting farms where organic cotton is produced, ensuring the quality of dyes have the least impact to our environment and visiting fair trade certified units to ensure the safety of our garment makers.

We believe that fashionable clothing should be more than an item on a hanger, its connecting with the stories of who made your clothes and where they come from.